Special Issues

Current Announcements for Special Issues

The journal welcomes monographs or special issues related to specific areas of Artificial Intelligence. Proposals to coordinate these special issues should be sent through email to the Editor (editor@iberamia.org). Content to these issues can be original research or applied papers about a special topic, survey papers that summarize the topics of a particular area, or extended versions of selected papers published in conferences or workshops. In any case, it must be topics related to the scope of the journal (see Suggested Keywords in submissions' info).

In all cases, the publication of these contributions is conditioned to acceptance in a new peer-review process carried out by the invited editor which coordinates the special issue, joint with an specific international scientific committee, under the journal's supervision.

For these special issues, the following guides should be considered:

  • The invited editor should send a proposal to the editor of the journal, detailing the thematic area of the monograph, workshop or conference, the number of expected papers and estimated deadlines, as well as a justified proposal of an international scientific committee, which ensure quality of the selected papers.

  • In case of selected papers of conferences or workshops, an extended version of the paper presented at the conference is requested, containing at least 30% new content. A reference to the corresponding publication in the conference or workshop must be included.

  • All the contributions must be sent through the journal's submission system (https://journal.iberamia.org/index.php/intartif/about/submissions), addressed to a section specially created for it.

  • Authors must accomplish the rules, copy rights and ethical statements of the journal. Particularly, authors must follow the journal format guidelines. For that, the instructions contained in http://journal.iberamia.org/index.php/intartif/about/submissions must be taken into account.

  • All contributions will be subject to a special "double blind" review track, carried out by the invited editor and the proposed scientific committee, under the journal's supervision. We recommend that this review process be carried out with the journal system itself.

 Propose an special issue by sending a message to: editor@iberamia.org